Pacorus II of Parthia

Pacorus II († 115) ruled the Parthian Empire 78-115 ( the exact figures vary with different authors). According to Cassius Dio, he sold the kingdom of Osrhoene to Abgar VII, and by Ammianus Marcellinus, he expanded Ctesiphon, where he built walls.

He always appears Arsaces Pacoros On his numerous coins. The mention of his name in connection with the title of king Arsaces may imply that his reign was controversial. Three of the anti-kings are known from coins: Vologaeses II, about 78-80, Artabanus III, about 79 /80 and Vologaeses III to 105. .

During his reign (97 and 101 ) Gan Ying came ( the wanted to go to Rome, but got told that this trip would take another 2 years) from China to Parthia, where he was received by a king Man- chi'iu. The king sent lions and ostriches to China.

After his death, his brother Osroes I followed him.