Pacov ( German Pacov ) is a town of 5,000 inhabitants in the west of the district Pelhřimov in the Czech Republic.


The city has two towers. A Gothic St. Michael's Church and a baroque St. Wenceslas Chapel, which form a part of the castle of Pacov. In Pacov the Fédération Internationale de Founded Motocyclisme (FIM ) in 1903.

In the town there is a castle, a health clinic, a nursing home, two banks, two primary schools, one special school, a music school, a gymnasium, a cinema, a gym, two pharmacies, a few shops and restaurants. The largest enterprises are the engineering plant Pacov and the leather factory Uniko Pacov, but there are some smaller businesses. From the mountain Strážiště (744 m) north of the city sends the television Pacov.


The city Pacov consists of the districts Bedřichov ( Friedrichshof ) Jetřichovec ( Jetrichowitz ) Pacov ( Pacov ) Roučkovice ( Rautschkowitz ), Velka Rovná ( United Równa ) and Zhoř ( Shorsch ).

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Rzach Alois (1850-1935), Austrian classical philologist
  • Antonín Sova (1864-1928), Czech poet
  • Jiří Němec (born 1966 ), Swedish football player and coach

Partner community

  • Arni, Switzerland