Paddington is a district of London in the district of City of Westminster. The name derives from the Old English Padda for Patrick, ing for the place and do as for farm, estate, and was first mentioned in the year 1056.


Important buildings in Paddington Paddington Station, St. Mary's Hospital with the associated nursing school and Paddington Green police station, a high-security police station. In 1991, the IRA perpetrated bombing of the phone booth in front of the guard, as a demonstration for British intelligence.


Paddington is one of the social centers of posts originating from the Indian subcontinent people in London. Here there is a large density of food and other shops and restaurants of Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan origin.


Sons and daughters of the district

From Paddington, the mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing dates ( 1912-1954 ). A memorial plaque dedicated to him at his family home on Warrington Crescent.

Paddington is the birthplace of landscape photographer Charlie Waite, the mathematician William Burnside, the singer Seal, and the actress Rhona Mitra.

Persons in connection with the district

At Paddington had several well-known people, including the inventor of penicillin, Alexander Fleming, the recalls a plaque at St. Mary's Hospital in Praed Street, and Edward Adrian Wilson, the doctor, who perished on the expedition to Antarctica with Robert Falcon Scott lived and worked for a time here.

John Clifford (1836-1923) served as pastor of the Baptist church until 1915 in Paddington. He became known as a representative of a politically engaged and social Christianity. In 1905 he was appointed the first president of the Baptist World Alliance.

Furthermore, Paddington is the residence of Seal, Courtney Pine and Elvis Costello, the footballer Les Ferdinand and actors Emma Thompson, Rhona Mitra and Alan Rickman.

References in the literature

Probably the most well-known reference to Paddington is made in Michael Bond's Paddington Bear books, which is named after Paddington Station.

In addition, it is mentioned in Henry James' novella In the Cage that the young protagonist with no name the Paddingtoner dialect mimics (Chapter 22-23).

Paddington Station

Paddington Station is one of the main stations in London and is mostly of commuters from West London ( Slough, Maidenhead, Reading, Swindon) used. There are major transport links to Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Exeter, Plymouth, Cornwall and South Wales ( Cardiff and Swansea ), as well as the Heathrow Express to Heathrow Airport.

In the station hall is a statue of Paddington Bear.