Paddy Lowe


Lowe acquired in 1984 at Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge his engineering diploma. Since 1987, the Briton has worked in Formula 1. He received his first engagement with the traditional racing team Williams as chief engineer in the electronics sector. In 1993 he moved to rivals McLaren, where he led the research and development department. In the team-internal hierarchy Lowe rose to continuously and so he worked the McLaren Formula 1 team from 2005 as chief engineer. 2011 was the appointment as Technical Director, another career move. After the 2012 season, there has been increasing rumors that McLaren veteran Paddy Lowe should leave the British towards Mercedes. On February 25, 2013 McLaren announced that Tim Goss will take over the post Lowes as Technical Director. On May 20, 2013, Mercedes announced that Lowe draws at the Silver Arrows from the June 3, 2013 his work and not as originally speculated, is active until the end of the year with McLaren.