Pages (word processor)

Pages is a word processing application from Apple for OS X and iOS operating systems. It is part of the office package iWork and was first presented on 11 January 2005 as part of Macworld as Pages '05. It is both a normal word processor, on the other hand, it has features that were previously reserved for professional desktop publishing programs, as image and text can be set based framework. By default, the program uses a file format with the extension. Pages that can be opened and edited only for Mac OS X or iOS user.

Pages comes with numerous graphically designed templates. It can import Word files and export again. However, this worked up to Pages '07 only kept simple texts; to more complex Word documents with precisely positioned graphics or tables failed the program.

Since Pages '08 the import and export of Word documents has been improved. So text frames are correctly positioned and described problems by accurate messages, what are the problems with the import and export of Word files. The OpenDocument format is not supported. Central functions to which the program has been adapted, are context-sensitive Format Bar amendments to various authors to monitor and better handling with the concatenation of continuous text in text boxes.

On January 6, was published in 2009 with Pages '09, the fourth version of the program, in which once again a number of improvements and additions have been made.

Since the release of the iPad in 2010, there is also a version for iOS, which is also on the iPhone and iPod touch capable of running iOS 5.

During the WWDC 2013 Apple unveiled the beta versions of " Pages, Numbers and Keynote (iWork ) for iCloud ". Now you can edit Pages, Numbers and Keynote compatible documents directly on the Web via a slightly modified surface.

On a product presentation at the October 22, 2013 Apple introduced new versions of iWork for OS X and iOS, which were primarily provided with new, more modern design, but also some new features, again many old features have been removed. Anyone who buys a new Mac or a new iOS device from now on, you can download these programs for free.

Pages was developed by the same department that had previously developed Keynote, so similar the two programs.