Paks [ pɒkʃ ] (German: Paksch ) is a situated on the Danube town in Tolna county in Hungary. The city now has about 20,000 inhabitants. It is located about 100 kilometers south of Budapest. In the vicinity of Tolna Paks are ( the city that gave its name to the Tolna county ), the county seat Szekszárd and some communities, for example Dunakömlőd and Németkér.

Economy and infrastructure

Near the town is the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the only nuclear power plant in the country. It has four pressurized water reactors of Russian design ( WWER-440/213 ), each with about 443-470 MWe power; each one in 1982, 1984, 1986 and 1987, into operation. The HID covers about 40 % of the electricity demand in Hungary. See also nuclear energy by country # Hungary.

Paks had been operational since March 31, 2010 from Budapest to the M6 ​​motorway.


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