Pala Sport Mens Sana

Mens Sana Basket Siena, Virtus Siena


The Pala Sports Mens Sana is a basketball hall in Siena.


The hall is located in the north of Siena outside the historic center in Viale Sclavo 8


Since the beginning of its activity until the end of the 60s used the basketball team Mens Sana Basket Siena the gym Palestra Sant'Agata, after which they moved into the 1968 built and 1500 seats equipped palazzetto Giannelli (named after the then president, also dodecaedro known ) around. As well as this no longer met the requirements of the association, was on October 24, 1976 Today's Sports Palace, still under the name Palasclavo (named after the adjacent street of Viale Sclavo ), was inaugurated. Since 1 June 2002 the club is next to the main hall and that has become a secondary hall palazzetto Giannelli a third hall is available, the so-called PalaChigi. The current name is since October 21, 2010 Palaestra, named after the Italian energy provider Estra. The name is a pun on the name of the sponsor and the Italian term for sports hall ( Palestra ). The name was first given to Estra, previously wore the sports hall no sponsors name.


The venue can visit spectators up to 6000 (7025 standing), all seats are only seats.


Since 1976 it is the home ground of basketball club Mens Sana Basket Siena. In addition, here played the basketball team Virtus Siena, which is currently active in Serie A Dilettanti.