Palace of Europe

The euro Palais (Palais de l'Europe ) is the seat of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. The Parliamentary Assemblies of the Council of Europe will be held in it. From 1977 to 1999 also the plenary sessions of the European Parliament were held. To date, the European Parliament is connected by a walkway to the Palais de l' euro.

The square building (106 meters wide, 38 meters high), designed by the architect Henry Bernard and inaugurated on 28 January 1977. As a previous building was inaugurated in 1950 Europe House ( Maison de l'Europe ), which stood on the site, located on the today of the front lawn of the Palais de l' euro. Architect of the Europe House was Bertrand Monnet. Euro Council and European Parliament shared this building since 1952.

At the point where today the euro Palais, was located since the 1930s, a tennis court, which also served as a skating rink in winter. The parliament chamber is covered by a transparent dome, resembling a huge shell.