Palatine bone

The palatine bone (Latin palatine bone ) is a bone of the skull, or more precisely of the facial skeleton. It contributes next to the upper jaw on the distinction between nasal and oral cavity and supports the back of the hard palate ( hard palate ).

The palatine bone is broken down into a horizontal plate (lamina horizontalis ) and a vertical plate ( perpendicular plate ).

The lamina horizontalis forms part of the palate and is in communication with the vomer ( vomer ). Your rear edge limits the Choanenöffnung.

The perpendicular plate of the palatine bone, together with the sphenoid ( sphenoid ) and the wing bone (os pterygoideum ) (which in humans is also counted the sphenoid ) in mammals, the wings palate pit ( pterygopalatine fossa ) in which nerves ( branches of the maxillary nerve, pterygopalatine ganglion ) and vessels ( branches of the maxillary artery ) run.