Palm Desktop

Palm Desktop is supplied with the Palm handheld computers PIM software for managing

  • Calendar entries
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Memos

In newer versions, there are still other modules. The four basic tasks corresponding to the main features of the Palm handheld computer in the delivery state. Interfaces to other PIM software such as Outlook, Lightning, Evolution, iCal and Mac Address Book are not provided, so that the corresponding function is duplicated on the PC if necessary.


Palm Desktop 1995 delivered in version 1.0 and is also included on current devices. Palm Desktop is based in the Mac version of Claris Organizer - a PIM software in the early 90's was offered for the Mac. Following the acquisition of Palm by Claris, the software was revised and renamed.


The Palm Desktop software is available for Mac OS and Windows. Alternatives are there for Linux.

File Formats

A proprietary file format up to version 4.x was used to store the data that was read and written by the Hotsync software for data exchange with the Palm. About a programming interface for C and Java, there was the possibility to indirectly access the data.

In more recent versions of the Microsoft Access database format for storing data used.


When switching to and from the Palm handheld computer to other solutions, an import or export is required. Palm Desktop provides it to CSV or vCard format.


In principle provides Palm Desktop to a COM interface to the functionalities. But it is not published in full but can only respond via plugins.