Palmasola is a prisoner city in Bolivia. It is a closed cottage settlement, which was built in the late eighties, about ten kilometers south of the center of Santa Cruz in the district Palmasola located. The prisoners settlement is sealed all around with a double wall and barbed wire and guarded from the outside. It is inhabited by about 3,000 convicted criminals and prisoners awaiting trial, men and women, who are left within the walls themselves. Some of the prisoners living in the city, along with other family members, which are allowed to move freely out of the city, including many children.

Life in the prison city

The existing infrastructure ( restaurants serving better food can be purchased, a gym, a barber shop and a football field ) is operated by the occupant. The supply of prisoners via a food bank and consists of boiled slaughter and food waste. The inmates will not get any fruit, so often deficiency symptoms occur. The states in Palmasola are bad. In summer 2001, there was extensive prisoner protests, hunger strikes and riots, which was bloodily suppressed by the Bolivian police. Many prisoners have been waiting for years in vain to a jury trial.

Within Palmasolas there is a regimental band of bosses. The order is maintained called a " Disciplina " troupe from violent criminals, headed by a so-called "president". In addition, contract killer. Smugglers smuggle everything in the city, which is desired by the occupants and can be paid. Drugs are widely used in Palmasola.


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