Pampus is an artificial island in the IJ in the east of Amsterdam and north of Muiden. The island, which was created for the Fort thereon the position of Amsterdam can be visited. The for air navigation in the area of ​​the Netherlands major and the same VOR / DME Pampus / PAM is not on the island, but is located about 2 km to the south at Muiden.


The island Pampus is 205 meters long and 164 meters wide and has two residents. The surface is 0.03 km ², the highest point is a light beacon at 13.4 m above NAP. They were named the island from a rarely used in the Dutch name for the condition of the fairway reason: Pampus meant thick porridge, mush. The Pampus was formerly a stream channel, later a fairway that slowly clog up with silt and so became a dangerous obstacle to shipping. There used to be in the Zuiderzee still ebb and flow.

Importance of the fort

After the Franco-German war of 1870, the Netherlands feared an attack on Amsterdam. They built around Amsterdam a mounting ring, the position of Amsterdam, and before the IJ estuary, an artificial island was on a higher part of the Muiderzands created and built a fort. Since the island was on the fairway Pampus, the fort got its name.

The fort stands on 4,000 piles of eleven meters in length. 1895, the fort was completed, it was never used for military operations. In 1933 it was closed after the construction of Afsluitdijks.

The Hunger Winter 1944/45, you could over the ice to Fort reach, and so many Amsterdam wood brought from the fort German all metal had previously brought from the island, and the fort was abandoned to decay. Meanwhile, it is preserved by volunteers.

Pampus today

Fee you can enter Pampus from a small harbor, otherwise one may create in no other place, since under the water surface are walls. Only in the small South Beach canoeists may invest.


From the name of the island, the Dutch phrase before Pampus passes are here. She has two meanings, namely incapacitated and be drunk.