Pan Sonic

Pan Sonic, known from its founding in 1993 until 1998, a Panasonic were a Finnish electronic music project.


The project was born when Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen first met in the summer of 1993 in the arts and techno scene Turkus. Through the mutual acquaintance Tommi Grönlund, founder of the young experimental techno labels Sahko, came in early 1994 Sami Salo added as the third member. In the same year Panasonic already published their first EP in an edition of probably around 1000 copies, now a sought-after collector's item.

The name of the project goes back to a by the artist Daniel Pflumm hung out in Berlin's mini club electric light panel with the company Panasonic logo.

In the autumn of Panasonic first played abroad, namely in London. Because of this appearance ( later released as "Live in London " ), they received a recording contract with Blast First, a Mute Records sublabel. With her first album released there " VAKIO " (originally a set of four 10 "plates ) were in 1995 directly known internationally.

After the recordings for " Osasto " EP 1996 Salo left mid Panasonic, partly because he had to complete his military service. Vainio and Väisänen published in early 1997 the first album as a duo, " Kulma ". At this time, the two began with various collaborations, as with FM Einheit ( Einstürzende Neubauten) as TCE, with Bruce Gilbert (Wire) as IBM and with Alan Vega of Suicide. The latter in particular during 1998 through publications, although to some success, at the same time but it was the end of the name Panasonic, the project had worn until then almost five years. After a warning by the same Japanese technology group, the group had to change its name to Pan Sonic. In allusion to the " dropped " letters they titled album released in February 1999, "A", the subsequent 12 " " B ".

After the 2001 release " Aaltopiiri " published Pan Sonic two live albums from their early days in limited editions of 1500 pieces and then stopped for a publishing break, which they finished with the four- CD box " Kesto " until 2004.

Their album " Gravitoni " was announced as their last and appeared in July 2010 Blast First Petite. Already in January 2010, Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen had announced about her record company that she would no longer appear as Pan Sonic in appearance after this CD.


Pan Sonic are known for an extremely minimal, rhythmic music, with extremely low structure and often relatively pure sounds. The " physicality " of their sound (very low / very high / very high / very long / very fast / very slow) is an essential component of her music and reveals clearly stated by the two influences from Industrial 1980s ( Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten, SPK ) and the American electronics band Suicide, Acid Techno, Dub and Jamaican ska and the musique concrète - composer Pierre Henry.

With this style, Pan Sonic have become & Cuts pioneers of clicks, which they use, unlike in the genre common to virtually no digital equipment for sound synthesis, its instruments is usually on from analog sound generators, which interlock modular and designed by Jari Lehtinen request be made ​​. Pictures of these devices can be found occasionally in publications.

From the beginning, Pan Sonic had a strong affinity to the art world, they often played at shows or created music for fashion shows (eg for Comme des Garçons ). In addition to its activity as a duo are both engaged as soloists and in other community projects.



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