Panavision is an American camera manufacturer. The company's headquarters is located in Woodland Hills, California; employs 1,300 people worldwide Panavision. The company is next Aaton and ARRI for film equipment in the 16 -mm, 35 - mm format and Sony, Thomson, P S Technik and Red digital cinema cameras one of the world's major camera manufacturers.

Panavision was founded in 1954 by the camera engineers Robert Gottschalk and Richard Moore, originally as a manufacturer of anamorphic lenses for Cinemascope cameras and projectors. Starting in 1972, produced the Panavision lightweight and flexible Panaflex cameras.

Panavision produces 35 -mm film cameras SyncSound and digital cinema cameras, and let this world alone by our own camera rental houses. The use of these cameras is particularly widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries, both in cinema as in television. In France, Panavision was able to establish a broad base, especially in the film production. In Germany Panavision is used less frequently.

In the area of ​​35 - mm MOS film cameras and cameras of Arnold & Richter are purchased and " panavized ", while the lens mount is changed.

Introduced in 2004, Panavision, jointly developed with Sony Digital Cinema Camera Genesis found in many Hollywood films digitally twisted use, such as in 2006 in Superman Returns, Click, Flyboys and Apocalypto.

Since 1998, the U.S. investor Ronald Perelman Owen is through various intermediate companies a majority owner of Panavision Inc.