Pando Department

- 11.183333333333 - 67.183333333333Koordinaten: 11 ° 11 ' S, 67 ° 11' W

The Bolivian department of Pando is located in the north of Bolivia and is bordered to the north by Brazil and Peru to the west. It has an area of ​​63,827 km ², is the capital Cobija.


Pando is located in the flat lowlands of the Amazon basin. It has a tropical hot and humid climate with an annual rainfall of 1,800 mm.

Southwest of Pando, the La Paz Department, and southeast of the Departemento Beni joins.


Pando was founded on September 24, 1938 as the youngest Bolivian department of the then existing " area of ​​colonization Northwest" ( Territorio de Colonias del Noroeste ) and received its name in honor of the 25th President of Bolivia, José Manuel Pando, in whose term of office ( 1899-1904 ) the border between Bolivia and Brazil was established after violent conflicts around the rubber-rich jungle region.


Pando is divided into five provinces (population according to the 2001 census ):

  • Province Abuna - 2,996 inhabitants
  • Federico Román Province - 2,242 inhabitants
  • Province of Madre de Dios - 9,521 inhabitants
  • Province Manuripi - 8,230 inhabitants
  • Nicolás Suárez Province - 29 536 inhabitants ( among other things includes the city of Cobija )



Pando is sparsely inhabited due to its remote location in the tropical rain forest.

The inhabitants of the department has increased over the past sixty years, more than six times:


Main economic activities are the rubber industry, and the extraction of Brazil nuts and high-quality tropical woods.


Main roads are navigable rivers. The only road connection to the rest of the country into the neighboring department of Beni and is during the rainy season is not always passable. Another road link in the La Paz Department is planned. In the capital, Cobija has an airport.


Local holiday is September 24th ( anniversary of the founding of the department ). The flag of the department of Pando is white - green.

In the regional elections of April 4, 2010 at Pando department following results were obtained: