Pangani River

Catchment area of ​​Pangani

The Pangani is a river in north -eastern Tanzania.


It arises from two source rivers. One is the Mount Meru near Arusha city springing Kikuletwa. The other is coming from the Jipe Lake Ruvu the other on his way receives inflows from Kilimanjaro. Today, the two source rivers flow into the lake nyumba ya Mungu. On the route between the reservoir and is Mkomazi city, the river forms the border regions of Kilimanjaro and Manyara. Although the tributary Mkomazi is just 4 miles away, it opens until 60 kilometers further shortly before the city Korogwe in Tanga Region. In the town of Pangani Pangani in the Indian Ocean flows. Cities along its course are Arusha Chini on nyumba - ya Mungu Reservoir, Mbuyuni just before the border between Kilimanjaro and Tanga region, Korogwe, Segera and Hale in Tanga. Some cards and texts refer to the river from nyumba ya Mungu to the confluence of the Mkomazi as Ruvu and only the relatively short section from there to the mouth as Pangani.


The flow rate of the river was about 18 years ( 1959-77 ) in Korogwe, a city in Tanga, about 110 kilometers upstream from the mouth measured. The observed in Korogwe mean annual flow rate during this period was 27 m³ / s

The average monthly flow of the river Pangani measured at the hydrological station of Korogwe ( in m³ / s) ( Calculated using the data for a period of 18 years, 1959-77 )