Panon, Sarthe

Panon is a municipality in the Pays de la Loire Sarthe in the district in the canton of Mamers Mamers.

Geographical location

The municipality belongs with 2.37 square kilometers and 40 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) to the smallest municipalities of France. The town is located 112-147 m above sea level, in the midst of an intensively farmed area about 40 km north of Le Mans and 5 km southwest of Mamers. In Mont -Renault one leaves coming from Mamers departmental road 300 north and, after 2 km after Panon. Through the town flows the Ruisseau -La- Saosnette.


  • Catholic church of Saint- Sulpice, Romanesque ( 11th century, in the 18th century extended), single nave with a wooden barrel vault under the gable roof, tower over the west facade also with gabled roof, Romanesque portal; inside several historic wooden sculptures: on a cross bar above the chancel arch, Christ on the Cross with Mary and John; at the main altar on the left of Saint Sebastian, the saint Lawrence right in the middle of St. Sulpice de Bourges; on the left side is a Madonna, on the right of the St Vincent
  • Lavoir ( wash house, 19th century )
  • Fountain (19th century)