Panonian League

The Pannonian League (Serbo- Panonska league ) was a South Eastern European Hockey League, which included between 2007 and 2009 clubs from Serbia and Croatia. 2009, the game has ceased operations.


The transnational League was founded in 2002 and originally comprised teams from Croatia, Hungary and Romania. The name of the competition is derived from the ancient name Pannonia from land for South Eastern Europe.

2003, the Serb- Montenegrin HK Vojvodina Novi Sad was inducted into the league. A year later, the game was shut down, as the clubs from Hungary and Romania left the league. 2007, the game mode was only resumed with teams from Croatia and Serbia. It was carried out in parallel to the championships of the participating States and ended again in 2009.

Participants in 2008/ 09

  • Croatia KHL Zagreb
  • Croatia KHL Mladost Zagreb
  • Serbia and Montenegro HK Partizan Belgrade
  • Serbia and Montenegro HK Red Star Belgrade
  • Serbia and Montenegro HK Vojvodina Novi Sad
  • Serbia and Montenegro HK Novi Sad
  • Serbia and Montenegro HK Beostar


  • 2009: Serbia HK Vojvodina Novi Sad
  • 2008: Croatia KHL Mladost Zagreb
  • 2004: SC Miercurea Ciuc, Romania
  • 2003: Hungary Ferencvárosi TC