Paradise (Coldplay song)

September 12, 2011

Paradise is a song by British alternative rock band Coldplay. He was released on 12 September 2011 as the second single from their fifth studio album Mylo Xyloto. It was produced by Markus Dravs song, Dan Green and Rik Simpson. On 30 November 2011, the song won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo / Group category was nominated performance.

Paradise reached on 1 January 2012, the top of the UK Singles Chart UK Top 40 and became the second number -one hit in the UK by Coldplay Viva la Vida by.

Music Video

The music video was created under the direction of Mat Whitecross and played in England and South Africa. The video is about an African elephant (played by frontman Chris Martin) who escapes from a British zoo to return to his homeland. He rides a bicycle and the London Underground from Heathrow Airport. In a suitcase hidden, he flies on a plane to South Africa. There he bought with the money he earned as a street musician, a unicycle and driving away with it until he Champion ( all also in the elephant costume) meets his band members Guy Berryman, Johnny Buckland and Will. This video shows the locations of Cape Town ( Aerial View ) and the streets of Johannesburg and the Johannesburg Braamfontein district, where the Nelson Mandela Bridge and a set of railroad crossings can be seen. At the end of the video you see the band members wearing elephant heads, at a concert in Johannesburg FNB Stadium. After the concert, they returned to the Kalahari Desert of South Africa.


Chart positions


For Rolling Stone magazine the song is a " bombastic track with choir and strings " and a " solid Coldplay track ". Criticized the magazine that he would " disappoint Coldplay again " " friends of the" old and criticized the " inflated choir ", the " Strings swamps " and the " swirling Brian Eno production ". Also Jens Bauszus by Focus Online speaks disparagingly of a " pompous, stuffed with choir chants Single". Andreas Borcholte from the news magazine Der Spiegel referred to the song as " anthemic R & B Beat". Digital Spy noted that the looped glossy beats and swirling strings ( " looping, hi -gloss beats and swooping strings" ) remember the song Apologize by Timbaland and Ryan Tedder, whereas the chanting of the chorus and the slow pace of "para - para- paradise " hook ( " chant -along chorus and niggling "para - para- paradise " hook sounds " ) would be ripe for a sampling for a soon to be released single by Jay -Z ( " ripe for sampling on a not -too - distant Jay -Z single "). CD reviews praises that " the song a certain magic " unfold and " just do not like all the other songs," Mylo Xyloto Album sword. praises the chorus of the song: " " Para - Para -Paradise " cries out for the sold out stadiums and singing along ."