Parallels Workstation

Parallels Workstation is a virtual machine (VM ) of the company Parallels, specifically a hypervisor for the operating systems Windows, and Linux x86 - compatible processors. It complements Parallels Desktop, which runs as a virtual machine on PCs with the operating system Mac OS X.


As the host operating system Windows are supported (XP Pro SP3 ) and Linux as guest operating systems can be a variety of 32- bit operating systems for x86 hardware virtualized ( as Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS / 2, Solaris/86 ). Support for 64 -bit operating systems is provided by the manufacturer for the future.

The AMD-V virtualization extensions from AMD and Intel VT -x are also supported.

The central configuration tool for starting, creating and managing virtual machines is a program written in Qt3 program.


Proprietary, closed-source. The fee-based program can be downloaded for free in a 15 - day trial.

Emulated environment

The emulated environment consists, inter alia, from

  • VESA 3.0 compliant video card
  • An Intel i815 -compatible chipset
  • USB 2.0 support
  • Of AC97 compatible sound card
  • A compatible Realtek (RTL8029 (AS) ) network card

The exchange of data between the guest and host system can be done via Shared Folders.