Paramanga Ernest Yonli

Para Manga Yonli Ernest ( Ernest Para Manga Yonli; born March 15, 1956 in Tansarga, Upper Volta, now Burkina Faso) was from November 2000 to June 2007 Prime Minister of Burkina Faso.

Political career

Yonli comes from Tansarga in the province Tapoa in the east of the country and is part of the ethnicity of Gourmantché. From 1981 to 1986 he lived in France, where he earned a degree in economics at the Sorbonne, and was engaged upon his return at the University of Ouagadougou, the capital of the Center for Economic and Social Research.

In October 1994, he was Director General of the state employment company Fonds National pour la promotion de l' emploi ( FONAPE ). Since February 1996, he was Director of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in 1998, Minister for the Civil Service. He belongs to the Congrès pour la démocratie et le progrès (CDP ), the party of the ruling since 1987 President Blaise Compaoré. On 6 November 2000, he was nominated after the resignation of his predecessor, the new prime minister and took office the next day. A few days later he took over until June 4, 2002 in addition the Office of Finance and Economic Affairs, the Government included some representatives of the opposition to. After the parliamentary elections of 5 May 2002 where the CDP won 57 of 111 seats, he was commissioned to form a government again. After allegations of human rights violations he created in June 2002, a Ministry of Human Rights.

On January 5, 2006 in November 2005, re-elected with 80.35 % of the vote President Compaoré confirmed him in office. After the 2007 parliamentary elections, in which he won a seat in the National Assembly, he was replaced by Tertius Zongo.

From 2008 to 2011 he was the Ambassador of Burkina Faso in the United States.


He is married to Araba Kadiatou Zerbo, a daughter of former leaders Saye Zerbo and father of three children.