Pardubice ( pronunciation / i;? German Pardubice) is a city of Eastern Bohemia in the Czech Republic, with about 89 552 inhabitants ( 2012).


The city of Pardubice is located about 100 km east of the Czech capital of Prague at the confluence of Chrudimka into the Elbe. The city is located in the area of the Elbe lowlands with an average altitude of 225 m. The area consists mostly of lowlands. An exception represents the near-by mountain Kunětická


Pardubice was first mentioned in 1295, at that time stood at the site of the present city center, a small settlement to a monastery. Between 1332 and 1340, the then lord of Ernst Hostýně founded a city, later called himself after his family of Pardubice. For her part, inter alia, of Pardubice Ernst (1297-1364), the first Archbishop of Prague. From the end of the 14th century the owners of the town changed several times, from 1490 it was owned by the family of Pernsteins who had built the great castle. Jaroslav of Pernštejna had the town and castle in 1560 to Emperor Ferdinand I sell from this time Pardubice was a royal city. Today is the center of Pardubice Pardubice Region ( Pardubice region ).


Since 1874 takes place in Pardubice annually (usually in mid-October ) the infamous because of its numerous falls Horse Racing Velka Pardubice ( Pardubice Steeplechase ), although the toughest horse race across the European continent.

In the years 2006 and 2010 European Championships for Young Riders Eventing found place in Pardubice. Furthermore, every year in July, the Amateur Championship in Chess at the rink with over 1700 participants.


Pardubice is an industrial center with chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering industry ( synthesizable Pardubice), the manufacturer of the explosive Semtex ( Explosia Semtin ), the refinery Paramo, the electro-technical company, Foxconn, the automotive supplier Kiekert ( in Prelouc about 10 km away ) and Panasonic, a production site of Andrew Corporation.

Enterprises of the chemical industry are the companies Paramo and Explosia - Synthesia, which was founded in Pardubice- Semtín as a company for explosives. In particular, in the 1960s made this area as well as the factory Synthesia an upswing. Synthesia, a.s. is one of the leading Czech companies in the production of cellulose, pigments and dyes, as well as organic compounds. Synthesia is also an exporter, especially in the EU countries and it is also connected with the invention of the explosive Semtex. Paramo emerged on the factory Fanta. Paramo was until 2012 one of the largest companies of its kind in the Republic, but in the course of the year the shareholder decided on a reduction in production and the future of Paramo is uncertain.

Cultural monuments

Pardubice has a listed old town with a number of Renaissance houses. The castle now houses the East Bohemian Museum. The dominant feature of Pardubice is the Green Gate ( Zelena brána ) with the remains of the fortification. In the city there are also other historic buildings, the Stone Villa ( Kamenná vila ), the crematorium, the House at the white horse ( Dum U Bílého koníčka ), the Werner - house, the house to Jonas ( Dum U Jonáše ), the City Hall building. Church buildings are the Church of the Assumption pain, the Church of St. John the Baptist, St. Bartholomew's Church.

In 1995, the Railway Museum Rosice nad Labem was established.


The University of Pardubice, has seven faculties and one higher education institution - the Center for Materials Research. Studying at the University 10 500 students in 66 degree programs with nearly 130 subjects. The University participates in the formation except also in other activities, in particular to scientific and research activities. Students can choose from the bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree programs.

Transport infrastructure

  • Pardubice is located on the railway line Česká Třebová - Praha as part of the Pan-European Corridor IV and TEN Corridor No. 22 In addition, here branches off a route in a northerly direction to Hradec Králové and Liberec.
  • About 20 kilometers north of Pardubice runs the D11 motorway connecting Prague with Hradec Králové and should be extended even towards the Giant Mountains, southern Poland.
  • In the southwest of the city, in Popkovice district, there is a public international airport, which was initially developed as a military airfield, but is used for both civilian and military since a few years in the mixing operation. Until 2006, only charter companies flying to the airfield, made ​​since 2007 in addition to the summer charter flights and regular flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • The urban transport companies operate an extensive network of trolleybuses and buses.
  • Pardubice is the highest place to which the same is navigable ( according to other sources to just below Pardubice).


The ice hockey club HC Eaton Pardubice, playing in the Extraliga. The former HC ČSOB Pojišťovna Pardubice, was six -time winner of the Czechoslovak and Czech Extraliga during the years 1972/1973, 1986/1987, 1988/1989, 2004/2005, 2009/2010, 2011/2012. The club plays in the CEZ Arena (formerly Duhová Arena). The first competition took place on the lake Maticni Jezero in 1913 and the first club under the name of LTC Pardubice was established in 1923. In 2011, Pardubice became known by the discharged under the open sky Extraliga - contest with Kometa Brno. The Pardubice hockey team is one of the most visited in Europe.

The Pardubice Steeplechase ( Velka Pardubice ) is regarded as the most challenging horse races in Europe and the second most difficult in the world. It is held every autumn since 1874 held at the racecourse. The most famous jockey Josef Váňa, who has repeatedly won this race. The first winner of Pardubice Steeplechase was the stallion Fantome. The Racecourse measures 6900 meters and has 31 obstacles. The horses make the race within 10 minutes.

The Golden Helmet ( Golden Helmet ) of Pardubice is an annual prestigious flat track motorcycle racing. The first race was run in 1929, making the Golden Helmet of the oldest flat track races in the world. The race also has an international cast of participants from Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, England, the United States.

Mattoni NBL basketball team BK JIP, which plays in the highest basketball league in the Czech Republic. It also plays in UEFA club competitions. The country is one of the most successful clubs. For Pardubice played Jiri Welsch, who is also active in the overseas NBA.

Czech Open the largest chess tournament in the world. Besides chess even Scrabble, Bridge, Poker and Mary is played here. The patronage of the festival took over in 2011, the President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus, the captain of the Pardubice Radko Martinek region and the Mayor of the city of Pardubice Štěpánka Fraňková.

Pardubická juniorka is a prestigious tennis Championship of the Czech Republic of the individuals in the category of older offspring. It takes place on the tennis courts LTC Pardubice since 1926. Among the winners ranging Ivan Lendl, Martina Navratilova, Petra Kvitová, Berdych.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Radek Radek (born 1976 ), Czech musicians and horn
  • Miloslav Beutler, ( born September 3, 1897 in Pardubice, † November 7, 1964 in Prague) Czech medalist
  • Jiří Crha (* 1950), Czechoslovak ice hockey goaltender
  • Gustav Gaertner (1855-1937), Austrian physician and pathologist
  • Jiří Gruša (1938-2011), writer and diplomat
  • Dominik Hašek, Czech Ice hockey goalkeeper
  • Martin Hašek, Czech football player
  • Ota Janecek, Czech illustrator, painter, graphic artist
  • January Kaspar, Czech engineer and first aircraft designer and pilot in the Czech Republic
  • Jiří Kaufman, Czech football player
  • Johann Franz Freiherr Kempen of a spruce, Austrian officer and founder of the Gendarmerie
  • Joseph Ritter von Kerzl (1841-1919), personal physician of Emperor Franz Joseph I.
  • Emil Artur lunge, Swedish director, playwright, painter, author
  • Tomáš Martinec, German ice hockey player
  • Vilém Mathesius, linguist, historian and Anglist
  • Adam Ptáčník, racing cyclist
  • Martin Sekera, German - Czech Hockey Player
  • Karel Vohralík, Czechoslovak ice hockey player

Had in place

  • Jiří Bartoška, Czech actor, spent his youth
  • Vojtěch Cach, Czech writer and dramatist
  • January Gebauer, Czech linguist and literary historian, taught at the junior high school
  • Vladimír Páral, Czech writer, studied here Chemical Engineering