Pare Mountains



The Pare Mountains are a mountain range in the north- eastern Tanzania, north -west of the Usambara Mountains. The mountain is part of the ancient Eastern Arc Mountains. There is a northern and a southern mountain range that reaches to the Shengena a height of 2463 m. The people of Pare lives in this area. In addition to traditionally managed forests and forest protected areas dominated by agricultural use. In both mountain parts, there are projects to promote Gentle tourism.

In the southern part, the South Pare Mountains are 49 villages ( main town: Same ) and 11 forest - protected areas (including Chome Forest Reserve with the highest point Shengena ), 5 other protected areas are planned. From the Western Usambara Mountains, the South Pare Mountains are along the river valley of the Mkomazi, separated a 20- km wide arid corridor. Only in the mountain forests of the South Pare Mountains survived the endemic species South Pare white -eye ( Zosterops winifredae ), other living species here are only found in the Eastern Arc Mountains.

The North Pare Mountains represent the northern foothills of the Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania, they are 35 km southeast from the ( geologically much younger ) Mount Kilimanjaro. Your central plateau has long been settled, the population is divided into 40 villages ( main town Usangi ). The original forests have been replaced here by farmland or exotic woody plants. The remaining forests are largely isolated from each other in them are seven forest reserves. In this mountainous part three vertebrate species that are only found in the Eastern Arc Mountains live.