Parellada is a white grape variety.

It is cultivated in Spain mainly in the Penedès Denomination of Origin and is the most significant and one of the most important white grape varieties in the Catalonia region. It is also called Montonec and is used, among others, together with the varieties Macabeo and Xarel · lo for the production of Cava. Admitted she is also in the protected designations of origin and Carintilde Coster del Segre. It ripens late and only reaches a relatively low alcohol content, therefore provides only lighter white wines and is not too long shelf life.

Good results provide the blended wines with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay internationally known.

In 2000, the area under vines in Spain was 10,415 ha

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The grape variety Parellada is also known under the name Martorella, Montonec, Montonech, Montonega, Montoneo, Montonero, Montonet, Parellada blanc, Perelada and Perellada.