Parineeta (1953 film)

  • Ashok Kumar: Shekhar Rai
  • Meena Kumari: Lalita
  • Asit Baran: Girin
  • Nasir Hussain Guru Charan
  • Badri Prasad: Navin Rai
  • Pratima Devi: Shekhar's aunt
  • Ramayan Tiwari: doctor
  • Manorama:
  • S. Bannerjee:
  • Bhupendra Kapoor:
  • Bikram Kapoor:

Parineeta is a commercially successful Hindi film directed by Bimal Roy in 1953. It is based on the novel Parinita (1914 ) Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay of.


Kolkata: Guru Charan takes his neighbor Navin Rai on a mortgage to finance the wedding of his eldest daughter can. Well Navin requires some time back his money, so that the house comes into his possession. Navin is so confident to get the money that he can already make plans for the cleanup of the land. Only his son Shekhar viewed this development with skepticism, since he is close friends with Gurucharans niece Lalita also for many years.

One day the rich Girin from London comes to visit and falls instantly in the beautiful Lalita. Under these circumstances, Shekhar noted that he feels more for Lalita and the two can be a to a secret wedding.

Girin will even Gurucharans debt, which makes Navin very angry. He assumed to have Gurucharan sold his niece Lalita to Girin. But that is not more rumors are spread, Guru Charan announces the marriage between Girin and Lalita.

Of all the wedding plans, Lalita keeps in the background and is silent. This silence can be Shekhar believing they agree to the marriage. In defiance to Shekhar also gives in to a wedding.

As slowly approaches the wedding date, Lalita confesses her future husband that she can not marry him because she is already married. Girin shows understanding and united Lalita with her Shekhar.


The lyrics to the music of Arun Kumar Mukherjee wrote Bharat Vyas.


Filmfare Award 1955

  • Filmfare Award / Best Director Bimal Roy to
  • Filmfare Award / Best Actress at Meena Kumari


The film created some impressions of that time means costumes, architecture and lighting Kolkata's the turn of the century as they are later associated with Ray's Charulata.