Park Kultury (Koltsevaya Line)

Park Kultury (Russian Парк культуры ( pronunciation / i);? German Cultural Park ) is an underground station of the Moscow Metro on the ring line. He was put into operation on January 1, 1950 within the first section of this line.

General Description

The 40-meter -scale below the ground station is located in the south-west of Moscow center. He has access via a separate Vestibülgebäude, which lies on the outer side of the Garden Ring. In this building also one of only two accesses is integrated to the Metro Station with the "red" line. Passengers who want to go from the Park Kultury Koltsevaya - to Sokolnicheskaya line at the underground station, must be sent by escalators from the platform hall pass into the vestibule and from there through another escalator to the direct transition to the Sokolnicheskaya line.

The name of the subway station can be literally translated as " cultural park " which is synonymous with the Gorky Park located nearby. The walk from the vestibule of the metro station to the main entrance of the park is along the Garden Ring for about ten minutes, while the Krimbrücke is about to cross the Moskva River. The closest eastern ring lines station Oktjabrskaja located even closer to the entrance of Gorky Park, as the latter named after station Park Kultury.

The metro station Koltsevaya - line features except the escalator shaft into Vestibülgebäude do not have further access. In the medium term, although the construction of a second access is provided at the other end of the platform to relieve the often congested during rush hour, existing access. In 2011, however, the old entrance is retreaded along with the vestibule; the beginning of the work carried out on 5 February. Thus, the entire subway station for the duration of several months of reconstruction must be closed, as was already the case Elektrozavodskaya and other on only one access enacting Moscow subway stations.


The same set up with the Metro Station Vestibülgebäude is clad in white limestone and decorated with several arcade -like portals. It was built to a design by architect Igor Roschin; the same applies to the platform hall, leading to the vestibule from the parallel of three escalators. Like most other Moscow subway platforms, the hall at Park Kultury a three-part central platform dar. Meanwhile, 9.5 m wide central area is separated from the two track areas through a series of arcade -like pylon. The decorative relief strips on the vault of the hall can be removed similar to this a typical cross-vaulted cathedrals. Each pylon is decorated with a round top edging, of which about recreation (according to the Gorky Park, which was designed as an important recreational area ) each containing a weißmarmorne relief image with designs. In the color design of the station, however, dominate total gray and black tones, which can be seen in the light gray marble paneling of the pylons and on the characteristic of this subway station configuration of the outer platform of black marble walls and labradorite. The floor of the platform hall form light gray and black granite slabs with a carpet -like pattern.