Parksville (British Columbia)

Parksville is a small town in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. It is located at the intersection of Highways 4A and 19A on Vancouver Iceland, the Regional District of Nanaimo.


Parksville is located approximately 7 kilometers southeast of Qualicum Beach and about 37 kilometers northwest of Nanaimo. At the Parksville Bay, located directly on the west coast of Vancouver Iceland, the city is located directly on the Strait of Georgia.


The history of the settlement goes further back than just the general viewing by Euröpäer since before settlement by Europeans, the area was already settlements and hunting grounds of the First Nation.

The first mention in maps can be found by the Spaniards 1791. Contrast, the area between the Englishman River ( Spanish name " Rio de Grullas " ) and the French Creek ( Spanish name " Punta de Leonardo " ) is described. Through the Englishman was a first mention in 1873 to the farm of a certain John Hirst. 1877 here is a Post Office was established. 1901, reached the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway to the site and provided for further growth. By train then began the tourism in Parksville. So far, the site has had lived mainly from agriculture and forestry.

The granting of local government (incorporated ) for the municipality ( Village ) was carried out on 19 June 1945. Recognition as a town ( Town) on March 30, 1978 and as a city ( City ) on 1 May 1986. [ Note 1 ]


The census in 2011 showed a population of 11,977 people for the small town. In the metropolitan area of ​​27,822 people live.


In the city a sand sculpture competition takes place every year since 1982, as part of the " Beach Festival" instead. This is a qualifying competition for the " World Championship of Sand Sculpting ."