Parliamentary constituencies in the Republic of Ireland

The following table provides details about the current 43 constituencies in Ireland in the election for Dáil on 25 February 2011.

For the 2011 election some changes to constituencies were decided by the Electoral Amendment Act in 2009. The decision was based on suggestions from the Constituency Commission. There 3 new constituencies were created: Limerick, Limerick City and Kerry North - West Limerick. This replaced the 3 constituencies of West Limerick, Limerick East and North Kerry.

Because of population growth, the number of representatives to be elected have been adjusted in three constituencies. Dublin West and Louth won one seat each to Dun Laoghaire lost one seat

For 18 constituencies smaller territorial adjustments were decided: Cork East, Cork North Central, Cork North West, Donegal North East, Donegal South West, Dublin North, Dublin North Central, Dublin North East, Dublin South, Kerry South Kildare North Kildare South, Laois - Offaly, Meath East, Meath West Roscommon South Leitrim Sligo - North Leitrim and Tipperary North.

Current constituencies

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