Parpan (Romansh Parpaun? / I ) was a municipality in the district of Chur Walden, District Plessur in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. On 1 January 2010 the municipalities Churwalden, Malix and Parpan merged to community Churwalden.


Parpan is 10 km ( straight line ) south of the regional capital, Chur in Churwaldnertal on the road over the Lenzerheide, where the pass is just a few hundred meters beyond the municipal boundary. The territory comprises the broad basin of the top Churwaldner valley and the right (east ) flank, where Parpan Black horn with 2'683 m above sea level. M. will reach the greatest height.

Apart from the main settlement, at heart, a village street on a grassy ridge between two streams, belong to the municipality the farm groups Tschuggen and Gadenstatt and several mountain pastures on the upper mountain slope terrace at the foot of the Black Horn.

Neighboring municipalities are Churwalden, Lenzerheide - Praden and Vaz / Obervaz.

Coat of arms

Description: In blue gold miner mallets, beseitet of two six-pointed golden stars. The tool refers to the former mining Parpan Rothorn, the stars on the membership of the county Churwalden. Ten colors of the federal court.


Although the Lenzerheide was committed as part of the transit route from Chur to northern Italy already in Roman times much, the permanent settlement took place only in the 13th century under the influence of the monastery Churwalden. The 1208 mentioned in documents as Partipan place in the Three Leagues formed a neighborhood of the Court Churwalden. In addition to agriculture and pass traffic presented ore mining Parpan Rothorn an economic basis of the small village dar. This ended with the landslide of Plurs / Piuro on 4 September 1618 in which the whole family Verthemati Franchi was killed, which is also the Parpaner mining rights possessed.


1850 92 people lived in Parpan, 1900 there were 62, in 1950 89 In the wake of the neighboring sports and leisure resort Lenzerheide Parpan took from the mid-20th century enormous growth. Since 1950, the population has tripled and is since some years constant at about 265 people.

Economy and Transport

Parpan is on the main road 3 and is connected through the postal bus from Chur to Lenzerheide to the network of public transport.


The municipality belongs to the tourist region of Lenzerheide. From the village is the entrance to the ski areas of both valley sides, Rothorn and Danis Stätz possible. In Parpan is also the destination named after the Swiss skier Silvano Beltrametti World Cup piste.


Importantly, the Reformed Church and the village Schlossli Parpan.


Parpan is a common surname in the Grisons.