The term Parroquia ( literal translation into German: parish, parish, parish; plural: parroquias ) are in different Spanish-speaking countries or regions designated political administrative units, which are the lowest level of local government in general.

Asturias and Galicia (Spain )

In the Spanish autonomous communities of Asturias and Galicia parroquias administrative units, the areas are below the municipal level ( Spanish municipio, in Asturias and Galicia municipio or concejo ) members, who in Asturias are " Concejos " to compare with the counties, while the " parroquias Rurales " compare with communities are (size between 8 and 40 square kilometers). The center of a ' Parroquia ' traditionally formed normally a parish. In Asturias, these units are called precisely parroquias rurales (rural parishes ). They are below the concejo own legal entities and have their area of ​​own decision-making powers. They are set up on the initiative of the people by the Government of Asturias and Galicia. They are governed by a president and a junta ( Assembly ), the President is a kind of mayor or mayor, who is directly elected. The junta must consist of at least two members and may have up to as many members as the Parroquia delegated to the council of Concejos.


Also in Ecuador as administrative units are referred to below a canton, not related with church organizational structures and also bear not the name of parish churches in general. Most have secular names. As part of the decentralization of the Ecuadorian state, the citizens choose any Parroquia every four years in local elections a junta parroquial ( Parish Meeting), which has certain expertise in the regulation of public life locally. We have to distinguish urban and rural parishes, the former being part of a municipality are, in addition to the juntas parroquiales also a parent Councillor ( concejo municipal) and a mayor are elected.


In Venezuela, a Parroquia ( parish ) is the subdivision of a municipality ( county ), which is in turn the subdivision of Estados federales ( federal states).