The Parsis (Persian Pars " Persians " ) are an ethnic strictly completed, originally from Persia community that adheres to the teachings of Zoroastrianism. Most now live in India and in Pakistan (Karachi). The Iranian followers of Ahura Mazda commonly refer to themselves as Zoroastrians.


According to legend, the Parsis originally came from Khorasan in the Iranian highlands, from where they fled to India after the decline of the Sassanidenreichs and the subsequent Islamization Großpersiens in the 8th century. According to tradition, the Indian east coast places sand Chan and Naosari were founded by the Parsis who called this to the towns Sanjan at Merv in Turkmenistan and Sari in Iran Māzandarān in their country of origin.

There is a very difficult to be estimated number of parsing; often figures of 90,000 people can be specified. According to an article from 2003, according to, the number of Parsis ( Zoroastrians ) worldwide 200,000. From India, many Parsis have emigrated to the withdrawal of the English (1947). According to the census were living in 2001 in India, especially in Mumbai, 69 601 parsing. Enjoying this tolerance, quite cosmopolitan and most prosperous community is fairly valued for their charitable use, but has been shrinking for years due to low number of children and the fact that you can only be born a Parse - the parsing can not convert to and participated until recently also no children of mixed marriages. In North America, an estimated 18000-25000 parsing. There is also a global diaspora, however, is comparatively small. In the West, the Parsis are also due to their funeral monuments, the Dakhmahs known.

Friedrich Schrader has described 1907/ 08 in a newspaper article then existing Parsee places of worship in the area of Baku in Azerbaijan.

Among the most prominent Parsis include Dadabhai Nauroji, the first Indian origin MPs in the House, the Tata family of entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur Pallonji Mistry, Freddie Mercury, the conductor Zubin Mehta, the writer Pheroza J. Godrej and the writer Rohinton Mistry and Meher Pestonji. Also Feroze Gandhi, the husband of Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi, was Parse.