Particle Data Group

The Particle Data Group is an international collaboration of particle physicists, the published results, treat the properties of elementary particles and the fundamental forces of physics, compiles and analyzes again. The group also publishes reviews of theoretical results that are of interest for the phenomenology and related fields such as cosmology. The Particle Data Group publishes currently the Review of Particle Physics and its pocket edition, the Particle Physics Booklet, which are updated annually and published on the net every two years in book form.

The Particle Data Group also publishes the Pocket Diary for Physicists, a calendar with the dates of major international conferences and contact information of large high-energy physics institutions. The Particle Data Group also manages in collaboration with the authors of event generators, the standard numbering scheme for particles in event generators.

Review of Particle Physics

The Review of Particle Physics (formerly Review of Particle Properties, Data on Particles and Resonant States, and Data on Elementary Particles and Resonant States) is an extensive, 1,200 -page reference work, the particle summarizes and an overview of the current state of elementary particle physics, are general relativity and Big Bang cosmology. It is with more than 1600 citations per year currently the most cited document in the high energy physics.

The review is divided at the moment in 3 areas:

  • Particle Physics Summary Tables - Quick overview of the properties of gauge and Higgs boson, leptons, quarks, mesons, baryons, restrictions on the search for hypothetical particles and violation of physical laws.
  • Reviews, Tables and Plots - Review of mathematical and statistical bases table of Clebsch - Gordan coefficients, the periodic table of elements, an overview of the electronic configuration of the elements, Short panel with material properties, Review of the current object in the field of the standard model of cosmology, the experimental methods of particle physics, and with tables of the fundamental physical and astronomical constants.
  • Particle Listings - Comprehensive Version of Particle Physics Summary Tables in which all significant measurements are fully referenced.

An abridged version of the review, with summary tables, a highly abridged section reviews, Tables and plots, and without the Particle Listings section as a 300 page Particle Data Booklet in paperback format available.

The history of the Review of Particle Physics is the 1957 article published hyperon and Heavy Mesons ( Systematics and Decay ) by Murray Gell-Mann and Arthur H. Rosenfeld and updating Data for Elementary Particle Physics ( University of California Radiation Laboratory Report UCRL -8030 ) can be traced. 1963 published Matt Ross regardless of a compilation Data on Elementary Particles and Resonant States. At his suggestion, the two publications were merged a year later in the Data on Elementary Particles and Resonant States in 1964.

The name of the publication was then still changed three times: in 1965 in Data on Particles and Resonant States, 1970 Review of Particle Properties, and in 1996 into the current form of the Review of Particle Physics.

Previous issues of the Review of Particle Physics