Partir, revenir

  • Annie Girardot Hélène Rivière
  • Jean -Louis Trintignant: Roland Rivière
  • Françoise Fabian: Sarah Lerner
  • Erik Berchot: Salomon Lerner
  • Michel Piccoli: Simon Lerner
  • Evelyne Bouix: Salomé Lerner
  • Richard Anconina: Vincent Rivière
  • Charles Gérard: Tenardon
  • Ginette Garcin: parish housekeeper

Leaving and coming back ( Original: Partir revenir ) is a film drama directed by Claude Lelouch in 1985, it tells the story of a Jewish family in occupied France at the time of National Socialism..


During the Second World War, the Jewish family of four learner escapes from Nazi-occupied Paris. For a time, they can hide with friends in an old castle. Some of the villagers in the area are suspicious. One day French police and soldiers of the Wehrmacht appear on the castle grounds. The learner try to escape but are kidnapped. Years later reverses the daughter, Salomé Lerner, the only survivor of her family back. She is determined to find out who denounced her family at that time. As Salomé hears play four decades later in Paris a young pianist who she believes to have the reincarnation of her dead brother before him.


In addition to the history of the family and the work of the Russian composer Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff, in particular its second piano concerto is the focus. Ironically, he had dedicated this piece to a neurologist who had treated him for depression. In the film, is the father of professional psychoanalyst.


" A scenically not entirely convincing film that dispensed with a linear story and associative aufblendet scenes that are interdependent. "