Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi ( Hindi, परवीन बाबी, Parvin Babi, born April 4, 1949 in Junagadh, † 20 January 2005 in Mumbai, real name: Parveen Mohammed Ali ) was an Indian actress.


Originally from a distinguished family beauty debuted in 1973 in Babu Ram Charitra Ishara and was from 1974 with its initial successes, " Majboor " and " Deewaar " one of the biggest stars of Bollywood film. Both her ​​west seeming appearance as well as the violation of Indian conventions illustrated in the figures of her on the screen they could stand out from the competition. At the latest when the magazine TIME Babis Picture of 1977 on the title page, her status was established as a superstar.

In the 1980s, their tension decreased. Parveen Babi was also increasing signs of psychotic illness seen. Finally, she moved to the United States for years and disappeared from the public eye. After her return to the Indian native the externally strong aged former diva made ​​headlines when she. Few of their former lovers as well as internationally -known politicians such as former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, publicly accused to seek their after life A popular fellow actor accused them later, of being behind a series of bombings of 1993 in Mumbai. Their reputation and their personal persuasion were still large enough to give such assertions weight. At a court hearing in this matter Parveen Babi, however, did not appear.

On the afternoon of January 22, 2005, the home of the only few contacts nurturing actress was opened because of the neighbors noticed the smell of decay and found her body. The autopsy left no doubt as to a natural death Parveen Babis arise. Apparently, they had also suffered from severe diabetes.