Parys [ parɛĭs ] is a city in the South African province of the Free State. It is the administrative center of the municipality in the district Ngwathe Fezile Dabi.


2011 Parys had 48 169 inhabitants, including the inhabitants of the townships Tumahole and Schonkenville. The nucleus had 8,071 inhabitants. Parys is situated on the southeastern shore of the Vaal, which forms the border with the province of East here. The Vaal is in this area numerous wooded river islands, including Groot Eiland, Woody Iceland and Iceland Gulf.


The town was founded in 1882 on the site of the farm Klipspruit. A Dutch Reformed Church was built. It is named after the city of Paris. The name comes from the German surveyor Schilbach, who was reminded when looking at the Vaal on the Seine in Paris. The place won in 1886 as a way station for travelers to the Witwatersrand in importance, after gold had been found there. During the Second Boer War, the area was contested by Parys. Some forts can still be seen today on the surrounding hills and river islands. 1905 Parys was connected via a branch line to the rail network. In 1915, one a concrete bridge over the Vaal, which contributed to the continued growth of the city. In 1918 a suspension bridge spanning the Gulf Iceland joined with the city. In the 1930s, a new city hall was built in the Art Deco style after the previous building was burned down.

Economy and Transport

Many industrial enterprises were located in Parys, including a textile factory of the German entrepreneur Hans Thierfelder. Few of the companies still exist today. In contrast, an important role tourism plays. Parys is situated in the Vredefort Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beginning of November, in each case the Parys Dome Adventure Festival, also DomeFest instead.

Parys is situated on the R59 between Sasolburg Vredefort in the southwest and the northeast. The R53 leads from Parys northwestward towards Potchefstroom. The R500 connects the city with the northern Carletonville, the R723 leads to Heilbron. About 15 kilometers to the east takes you past the N1 highway. A used in freight railway line connecting Parys with Dover on the main route Johannesburg - Bloemfontein and Vredefort. The Parys Airport is located on the opposite bank of the Vaal and has the ICAO code FAPY.


  • Frik du Preez ( born 1935 ), South African rugby player, visited the school in Parys
  • Gary Anderson ( born 1959 ), South African footballer, born in Parys
  • Tokelo antee (* 1990), South African footballer, born in Parys