Pat Flaherty

George Francis Patrick " Pat" Flaherty ( born January 6, 1926 in Glendale, California, † April 9th, 2002 in Oxnard, California ) was an American race car driver.


Flaherty began his motorsport career with smaller races in his California home before he started intermittently 1949-1963 with 18 races to AAA / USAC National series, of which he won three. His most successful year was 1956 when he also won the race in Milwaukee in addition to the 500 miles of Indianapolis, and took second place in the championship standings.

In 1950 he started the first time the 500-mile race at Indianapolis and finished 10th. Quarrels with the American Motor Sports Association AAA meant that he was expelled two years of racing. 1953 - 1956 he was back at the start in Indianapolis. A serious accident in Springfield was sidelined for two years it again; End of the 1950s, he returned to the race tracks. His last Indianapolis race was in 1959, where he crashed lying in fourth place against the wall.

1961 Flaherty finished his motorsport career and ran a guest house in Chicago. In 2002, he died 76 years old.


Grand Prix victories

Indy 500 Results

  • Formula 1 racer (United States)
  • Champ Car racer
  • Winner (Indianapolis 500)
  • Americans
  • Born in 1926
  • Died in 2002
  • Man