Patricia Szarvas

Patricia Szarvas (born 1970 in Vienna, Austria ) is a business journalist and presenter. She works in Frankfurt for CNBC ( Europe ) as the main Anchorwoman and reported daily from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the German financial market for the international studios of CNBC and for the German television station N24.


Szarvas studied economics and communication. After her studies she worked as a broker, private banker and portfolio manager in Frankfurt, London and Luxembourg. She was listed on the London Stock Exchange as a stock broker and speaks five languages ​​, English, German, French, Italian and Slovak.


From 1989 to 1999 she headed the editorial exchange with the Italian public service broadcaster RAI. In 1999, she joined CNBC to London, where she co - hosted the program Morning Exchange and Power Lunch. During the last years Szarvas has for the American CNBC channel for N24 in Germany and Class CNBC reported in Italy. It is involved in programs such as CNBC Capital Connection, Worldwide Exchange and Squawk Box Europe. In addition, she is responsible for reporting on the automotive industry in the European Network CNBC as an expert.

Szarvas also occurs as a presenter in panel discussions at international conferences such as the World Economic Forum, the European Economic Summit, the Corporate Responsibility Conference and the International Management & Consulting Congress.