Patrick Head

Patrick Head ( born June 5, 1946 in Farnborough, Hampshire, England) is a British engineer and was, until the end of 2011 the UK Williams Formula 1 team working as a senior engineer. He is married, has two children and lives with his family in London.

A career in motor racing was a natural progression for Head. He gained early experience firsthand when his father drove in the 1950s Jaguar sports car racing. Head also attended the same school as the later racing driver James Hunt and the Lotus engineer Peter Wright, although the three in their youth never met.

But first, he seemed to occur in other steps of his father and pursue a military career. After school, he attended the Old Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. However, this tendency more an interest in mechanical engineering. Patrick studied only in Birmingham, then in Bournemouth and finally at the University College in London.

At the beginning of his professional life he worked at the side of John Barnard for Lola Cars and then for Ron Tauranac at Trojan. In 1977, Patrick Head as chief engineer Frank Williams. A little later the company was sold to Walter Wolf. During his short time at Wolf Racing Head worked with Harvey Postlethwaite. The end of 1978 he left Wolf Racing and co-founded Frank Williams, the Williams F1 team.

At the end of 2011, he withdrew completely from the team, which he had founded with Frank Williams, back.