Patrick Magee (actor)

Patrick Magee ( born March 31, 1922 in Armagh, Northern Ireland, † August 14 1982 in London) was an Irish actor, particularly for his work with Samuel Beckett and his role of the writer Mr. Alexander in Stanley Kubrick's film A Clockwork Orange known been.


Magee was born as Patrick McGee in Armagh in 1922 and raised a Catholic. When he moved to London in 1957, he changed the spelling of his surname in order to appear less provincial. He appeared in Beckett's All That Fall ( German title: All they that fall ) at the Royal Court Theatre and impressed the writer so much that he the play Krapp's Last Tape him (English title: The last band ) wrote on the Body ( a BBC version of it was formed in 1972 ). Magee's large eyes and eyebrows, as well as his distinctive voice help him to roles as a character actor, usually as a confused character eminence, though his early film roles include the courageous and dedicated British military doctor in Zulu (1964). The critic John Simon wrote that Magee " a way has, every syllable he speaks to transform into over-ripe Limburger cheese; He is the only actor I can think of which one is listening to the nose. "

In Francis Ford Coppola's Dementia 13 Magee played a doctor. This film was produced by Roger Corman, and Magee has been an integral part of its low-budget and other horror films, particularly of Hammer films. He also starred in Harold Pinter's film The Servant a bishop.

In 1964, the Royal Shakespeare Company at Magee. He made his debut in Pinter's The Birthday Party ( and also appeared in the film version ) and then had a starring role in Marat / Sade. The play was rewritten for Broadway, for which Magee received a Tony Award and he went back to it to play along in the film version. He also appeared in the RSC production Staircase than opponent Paul Scofield.

Magee had always appreciated film and television as a means to support work in the theater, and he has played in many prestigious film and television projects, where his role is likely to apply in 1971 as its best known in A Clockwork Orange.

Four years later, Kubrick Barry Lyndon for cast him again, but the decline in film production in the UK did not go unnoticed at Magee over. His last major role was in Walerian Borowczyks Docteur Jekyll et les femmes, a European production.

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