Patrick McEnroe

Patrick McEnroe ( born July 1, 1966 in Manhasset, Long Iceland, New York ) is a former American professional tennis player.

Patrick is the younger brother of tennis legend John McEnroe. He did not achieve the success of his brother in his career, by far. In doubles he won a total of 17 tournaments, including the French Open in 1989.

His first title in professional tennis, he won the doubles together with his brother in Richmond. With Jim Grabb he won in 1989 at the French Open.

His first finals in individual he reached ironically against his brother John. John won the match in three sets (3-6, 6-2, 6-4). This was only the second brother duel in a final of the ATP Tour, Emilio Sánchez and Javier Sánchez played in 1987 in Madrid against each other.

His best result at a Grand Slam tournament he made in 1991 at the Australian Open, when he was only eliminated in the semifinal against Boris Becker. In the same year he was with David Wheaton in the doubles final.

In 1995, he was able to retaliate against Becker at the Australian Open, defeating him in the first round. Becker kept it at the U.S. Open in the second round the upper hand.

In 1998, he ended his career. His highest placement on the tennis world ranking was No. 28 in 1995. In doubles he made it in 1993 at # 3 in the world rankings.

In the Davis Cup, he played in 1993, 1994 and 1996 for the United States. Since 2000, Patrick McEnroe is the 38th captain in the U.S. Davis Cup history. In 2007 he won the Cup with his team. In early September, he announced his resignation as team boss.

He also works as a TV commentator for CBS and ESPN.