Patrick Seifert

Patrick Seifert ( born April 22, 1990 in Augsburg ) is a German ice hockey player (defender), which is since 2008 at the Augsburg Panthers in the DEL under contract.


Seifert began his career in the 2004/05 season ESV Kaufbeuren in the Bundesliga and students had the same year as an insert in the youth league. In the 2005/06 season he played for SC Riessersee in the DNL and its first use in the league team he had in the season 2006/07.

For the 2007/08 season he switched to the 2nd Bundesliga for EV Landsberg 2000, where he scored two assists in 42 games.

Since the 2008/ 09 season Seifert is at the Augsburg Panthers under contract and was also equipped with a mining license for the ESV Kaufbeuren.

Career Stats

( Key to Career statistics: Sp or GP = Games Played, T or G = goals scored, V or A = achieved assists; Pts or Pts = scored points scorer, SM or PIM = received penalty minutes, / - = Plus / Minus balance sheet; PP = scored majority gates; SH = scored shorthanded goals, GW = achieved victory gates; Play-downs/Relegation 1 )