Patrick Volkerding

Patrick Volkerding ( born October 20, 1966) a native of North Dakota and is the founder and maintainer of Slackware Linux. He is married and lives in California. Volkerding in 1993 acquired his Bachelor in computer science at the University of Minnesota in Moorhead, USA.

For a short time Chris lumen and some others have supported him at work on Slackware, but in recent years he has worked alone again. Patrick Volkerding of Slackware Fans simple as well, called Pat or rare The, in the open- source community often occurs in contrast to many other "personalities" in newsgroup discussions or partially on IRC on, he is in the community very active. Another difference from many other maintainers of distributions is its way of working in Slackware: He handles the packages that are included in the official distribution. In addition, it determines the release cycles alone and take all strategic decisions itself Volkerding has been strongly criticized by the community as he Ausbündelung the complete GNOME and the sole support of KDE in Slackware announced in larger desktop environments.

The end of 2004 had Volkerding his work on Slackware interrupt due to a serious illness, for which he even had to be hospitalized for a short time. On 16 November 2004, he has the community in his announcement reported it and asked for help. Meanwhile, he has recovered from his illness.