Paul Carpenter Standley

Paul Carpenter Standley ( 1884 in Avalon *, † June 2, 1963 in Tegucigalpa ) was an American botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Standlschmaus. ".

Life and work

He attended Drury University in Springfield (Massachusetts ) and New Mexico State University ( NMSU ). On the former, he obtained in 1907 a Bachelor and at NMSU, he obtained a year later a master's degree. At the NMSU he worked until 1909 as a research assistant. From there he went to the Smithsonian, where he worked until 1928. In the spring of 1928 he was appointed to the Field Museum of Natural History, where he worked until 1950 and did research.

After his retirement in 1950, he went to the Escuela Agricola Panamericana, a private university in Honduras, where he worked until 1956 in the local herbarium and library, as well as field studies undertook before he moved to Tegucigalpa, where on June 2 he 1963 died.

One of his main areas of research included the Acanthaceae. Together with Louis Otho Williams and Julian Alfred Steyermark he wrote the work Flora of Guatemala ( 1946 ).

After Standley named taxa

Three plant species were named after Standley: Standleya Brade of the family Rubiaceae, Standleyacanthus Leonard ( Acanthaceae ) and Standleyanthus RMKing & H.Rob. ( Daisy family ); beside his name appears in numerous species names.

Works (selection)

  • Paul Carpenter Standley: Flora of Costa Rica, Field Museum of Natural History, Botanical Series, Volume XVIII, Part 1, Chicago, USA, 1937, page 189.
  • Paul Carpenter Standley and Julian A. Steyermark: Flora of Guatemala Fieldiana: Botany, 1952