Paul E. Patton

Paul E. Patton ( born May 26, 1937 in Fallsburg, Lawrence County, Kentucky ) is an American politician (Democratic Party) and a former Governor of the state of Kentucky.

Early years and political rise

Paul Patton graduated in 1959 from the University of Kentucky. Over the next 20 years he worked in the coal mines. 1979, he began his political career when he was given the post of Deputy Secretary for Transportation, which is roughly equivalent to a head of department in the Ministry of Transport. Between 1981 and 1991 he was District ( Judge Executive) in Pike County, where he reorganized the garbage disposal. In 1987, he applied for his party's nomination for the office of lieutenant governor, but already retired from in the primaries. Four years later, he applied again to this office, was eventually nominated by a narrow majority and later selected. With this choice, he resigned his office in Pike County. In addition to the post of Lieutenant Governor under Governor Brereton Jones Patton practiced even from the office of Minister of Economic Affairs ( Secretary of Economical Development ). He was the first Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, who was Cabinet Member at the same time. He was also the last lieutenant governor, who was elected separately. After a constitutional reform in those years to ask the candidates for both offices now together in the elections.

Governor of Kentucky

For the gubernatorial elections of 1995, Patton was nominated by his party as the leading candidate and subsequently elected with 50.9 % of the vote. According to the constitutional reform adopted under Governor Patton Jones is allowed to apply for a second term after his four-year tenure. Patton made ​​use of this option and was confirmed with 60.6 % of the vote in 1999. He was between 12 December 1955, and the December 9, 2003 Governor of Kentucky. During his tenure, he took thousands of new jobs, because Patton was able to lure companies to Kentucky and open new production there. The same time boosted the economic growth of the state. In addition, he sat out for a further expansion of the educational system. Patton was a member of several committees and governor associations.

After the end of his term, he had originally intended to continue his political career. However, a scandal over an extramarital affair made ​​with the head of a sister 's home these plans to an end. Since then he has lived in Pikeville retired.