Paul Fallot

Paul Fallot ( born June 25, 1889 in Strasbourg, † October 21, 1960 in Paris) was a French geologist and paleontologist.


Fallot was the son of an industrialist, who settled in Lausanne. From 1908 he studied geology at Maurice Lugeon in Lausanne ( where at that time was also Émile Argand PhD student ) in Grenoble at Wilfrid Kilian ( 1862-1925 ) and 1910 /11, Émile Haug at the Sorbonne. His first publication was 1910 ( about pyritized ammonites of the Balearic Islands ). He began in 1912 with detailed field studies on the Balearic Islands.

In 1914 he volunteered in the First World War for military service and rose from the soldiers on 2nd class to lieutenant, most recently the General Staff of the 162nd Infantry Division and the 3rd Corps. For his bravery, he was awarded several times.

In 1922 he received his doctorate at the Sorbonne in Haug. In his thesis, he showed that the Betic Cordillera continues over Mallorca to South Sardinia and Sicily. In 1923 he was appointed as successor to René Nicklès Professor of Applied Geology at the University of Nancy and deals there with the regional geology and mapping in the French Jura. From 1938 he was professor at the Collège de France.

He was primarily concerned with geology, stratigraphy and paleontology of the western Mediterranean and Spain, in particular the Balearic Islands. Later, he also turned to the geology of the Alps, in the 1950s, the tectonics of the Eastern Alps. He wrote more than 300 publications. He was also involved in engineering geology and military geology.




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Named after him:

  • Fallotaspis, a genus of trilobite Fallotaspididae
  • Fallotaspididae, one of the five families within the Trilobitenüberfamilie the Fallotaspidoidea
  • Fallotaspidoidea, one of the two superfamilies from the Trilobitenunterordnung Olenellina