Paul Frederick, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Paul Friedrich, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg [- Schwerin ] ( born September 15, 1800 Ludwig pleasure; † March 7, 1842 in Schwerin ) was Grand Duke of Mecklenburg ( Mecklenburg -Schwerin ).

Origin and life

He was the son of the late Crown Prince Friedrich Ludwig in 1819 and the Russian Grand Duchess Helena Pavlovna Romanova and a grandson of Grand Duke Friedrich Franz I.

Paul Friedrich was first formed in 1814 in Geneva, from 1818 in Jena and Rostock. After the death of his father, Grand Duke Friedrich Ludwig, 1819, he became heir to his grandfather and after his death in 1837 Grand Duke of Mecklenburg in Schwerin part of the country.

Paul Friedrich improved the legal system and the infrastructure in the Grand Duchy. He moved after more than seventy years the residence of Ludwig desire to Schwerin and planned here a castle building (the present state museum ) because the old lock no longer met the representative tasks. Paul Friedrich died shortly after the start of construction; he had a cold drawn, when he took part in the fight against a fire in Schwerin. His son Friedrich Franz II interrupted the construction and gave the order to rebuild the old castle. After Paul Friedrich Paul city in Schwerin and Paul dam are named. On the initiative of Paul Frederick has been started in Mecklenburg with the construction of the first railway lines in Germany. ( Inauguration in 1847 )

Grand Duke Paul Friedrich of Mecklenburg was interred in the Holy Blood of the Schwerin Cathedral.


Paul Frederick married on May 25, 1822 Alexandrine of Prussia ( 1803-1892 ), daughter of King Friedrich Wilhelm III. and Queen Louise of Prussia.

  • Friedrich Franz II (1823-1883)
  • Luise Marie Helene (1824-1859)
  • Wilhelm (1827-1879)