Paul Gilbert

Paul Brandon Gilbert ( born November 6, 1966 in Carbon Dale, Illinois ) is an American rock musician who is known for his extraordinary virtuosity and his unusual methods of playing the guitar. For example, he used the song " Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy" provided with a cordless screwdriver Picks for playing.

Musical Career

According to information from Gilbert's interest in music began at the age of five, when his parents gave him a children's guitar with a battery-powered amplifier for my birthday. With 9 years awoke in him an interest in rock music; to his former favorite bands, he counts among others, Led Zeppelin, Kiss and Aerosmith. At the age of 15 years he presented with a demo cassettes to Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records, and called on him to get him a prelude appointment with Ozzy Osbourne. 1984 Varney helped Gilbert to move to Hollywood and take up his intensive studies at the Guitar Institute of Technology. First experience in the studio collected the guitarist with the group " Black Sheep ", with whom he recorded the album Trouble in the Streets, which was also Dokken guitarist George Lynch was involved.

In 1985, he founded his first professional cover band Electric Fence and earned his livelihood, in addition to his job as a guitar teacher in the guitar department ( GIT ) of the Musicians Institute, a prestigious music school in Los Angeles, where he taught, among others the young Buckethead. In 1986, he founded the band Racer X. Another student of the time at GIT Bruce Bouillet was, the Gilbert confronted with difficult tasks. Unlike other students who confronted her teacher on the next business day with questions about the technology Bouillet had done his homework and know the technique. Gilbert later said: "We have pulled through the five weeks - then I got it with the fear that the boy would soon be better than me. " He took Bouillet as second guitarist to Racer X, and together with him the band recorded their second album, Second Heat, on. Despite some success, the group disbanded in 1988, took place in 1999 but back together and taking an occasional series of albums or concerts.

Awareness brought Gilbert especially the band Mr. Big, he along with the rock bassist Billy Sheehan founded in 1989 after a jam session and with which he produced together four studio and five live albums. As Gilbert Mr. Big in 1996 left, he decided to pursue a solo career.

2007 Paul Gilbert joined with John Petrucci and Joe Satriani on as part of the G3 project, in 2008 he published together with the singer Freddie Nelson Album United States.

2009 dared Paul Gilbert as part of a reunion tour with his band Mr. Big, a comeback tour with the original line, thereafter, the group released the live CD and DVD Back to Budokan. 2010, the group went into the studio and recorded for the first time since 1996 on a new album in the original cast, which was released in January 2011 under the title What if ... on Frontiers Records.

2012 appeared the solo album vibrato.


  • Trouble in the Streets (1985 )
  • Street Lethal (1986 )
  • Second Heat ( 1987)
  • Live Extreme, Vol 1 (1988 )
  • Live Extreme, Vol 2 (1991 )
  • Technical Difficulties (1999)
  • Superheroes (2000)
  • Getting Heavier (2002)
  • Mr. Big (1989 )
  • Lean Into It (1991 )
  • Bump Ahead (1993 )
  • Hey Man (1996 )
  • Back to Budokan (2009)
  • What if ... (2011)
  • Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (1991 )
  • King of Clubs (1997)
  • Flying Dog (1998)
  • Beehive Live (1999)
  • Alligator farm (2000)
  • Raw Blues Power (2002)
  • Burning Organ (2002)
  • Paul The Young Dude (2003)
  • Gilbert Hotel (2003)
  • Acoustic Samurai (2003)
  • Space Ship One (2005)
  • Get Out Of My Yard (2006)
  • Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar (2008)
  • United States ( 2008); with Freddie Nelson
  • Fuzz Universe ( 2010)
  • Vibrato (2012)
  • Numerous guitar instructional videos (Intense rock pt 1 & 2, Guitars from Mars Classic & Rock, Paul Gilbert's Terrifying Guitar Trip, Get Out Of My Yard, Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar - Guitar Instructional DVD and Shred Annex)


Paul Gilbert plays almost exclusively Ibanez guitars, the manufacturer has produced several signature models for him, for example, the PGM and Fireman. He plays Ernie Ball strings ( .009 - .042 ) and Jim Dunlop Tortex Picks ( .60 mm).

Earlier he used live and in the studio a Laney amplifier GH100L. Since 2007 he is an official endorser of Marshall amplifiers. During the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008, he campaigned for the Vintage Modern combo, which he also used on the recording of his album " Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar ".