Paul Gray (English musician)

Paul Gray ( born August 1, 1958 in Rochford, Essex ) is a British bass player.

Gray first played in the band Eddie & the Hot Rods, but closed in 1980 as bassist for the punk band The Damned. For this band he recorded two albums before moving on to the hard rock band UFO founding member Pete Way replaced in 1983. Gray remained until the premature end of the band in 1987 with UFO. In addition, he was responsible for Johnny Thunders ' solo band Living Dead, Andrew Ridgeley ( ex-Wham! ) worked as a studio musician.

For the songs of the 1996 Reunion album Gasolene Days by Eddie & the Hot Rods mainly drew Paul Gray responsible. A tour of Germany in January 1997, the group gave attention again.

Gray lives in Cardiff and is involved in the charity Community Music Wales. Occasionally, he graduated from guest appearances with The Damned.

  • Bass player
  • Briton
  • Born in 1958
  • Man