Paul Jackson (bassist)

Paul Jackson ( * 1947 in Oakland, California) is an American fusion bass guitarist.

Life and work

Jackson began nine years ago with the bass playing. He was regarded by his teachers as a musical prodigy. At 14, he played with the Oakland Symphony Orchestra, where he was taught also at the piano and bassoon. A further education took place in San Francisco at the conservatory.

He played with jazz musicians such as Jack Walrath, best known probably his collaboration with Herbie Hancock on the album " Head Hunters " be. Jackson was one of the founding members of the Headhunters with Herbie Hancock, with whom he went on tour and various albums, such as V.S.O.P, recorded. His compositions " Chameleon", "Hang Up Your Hang- ups " and " Spider" earned him a 1974 to 1976 Grammy nominations. He played on various soundtracks, among others, Death Wish and Dirty Harry. In 1979, he released his album "Black Octopus ".

Since 1985, Paul Jackson lives in Japan, where he has collaborated with many famous musicians such as Char, Tsutomu Yamashita and Sadao Watanabe.

He gave lessons in the A.N. Contemporary of Music ( Tokyo), Pan School of Music (Tokyo), Musashino School of Music (Tokyo), Berklee College of Music ( Boston), University of California Santa Cruz and San Jose State University. Jackson since 2002, advisor to the Osaka School of Music.