Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner ( born June 11, 1977 in Leipzig ) is a German techno musicians, which occurs as a live act. He is the brother of musician and producer Fritz Kalkbrenner techno music, with whom he produced the hit Sky and Sand. He published under his real name and the pseudonyms of Paul dB , Kalkito and Grenade.

For published in 2008 film Berlin Calling Kalkbrenner has also worked as an actor.


Kalkbrenner was born in Leipzig in 1977, the son of the journalist Jorn and Carla Kalkbrenner, grew but at in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

After training in music theory and trumpet in the game is turned Kalkbrenner, influenced by the publications of the Berlin Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus ( Basic Channel ), in the early 1990s to the Technopark. Together with his former room-mate Sascha Funke, he began in 1992 as a DJ in the youth clubs of the city hang up. After 1996, the Georg- Christoph- Lichtenberg- upper left school with no qualifications, he worked at various television productions as editor.

In 1999, he released his first EP Largesse under the pseudonym Paul dB , followed by the Friedrichshain EP on Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label.

His first album, Superimpose appeared in 2001. Larger notoriety in the techno scene, he reached with his 2004 third album Self, on the Kalkbrenner began downbeat and trance elements. The album received mostly good to very good reviews.

In 2008, Kalkbrenner played the lead role as a Berlin DJ Hannes Stöhr Ickarus in film Berlin Calling, for which he also produced the soundtrack. Previously, he had already contributed for the soundtrack to Stöhr's One Day In Europe Tracks. The final breakthrough he achieved in 2009 with the out-coupled from the soundtrack to Berlin Calling Single Sky and Sand, which was created together with his brother Fritz Kalkbrenner. The single came in Germany for more than three years after its publication at No. 29 of the singles chart before and achieved international chart positions. On May 4, 2012 Paul Kalkbrenner presented with the Single Sky and Sand a record on which was represented a total of 107 weeks on the German Top 100 and thus the previous record holder A Star by DJ Ötzi and Last Christmas by Wham! referred to the following places. A chart position for more than 107 weeks up to that since 1977 no other single managed. Overall, the single brought the total 128 weeks long there. The soundtrack was certified platinum in 2012 for over 200,000 copies sold.

In winter 2010/2011 Kalkbrenner occurred without a fee as part of a visit troops for German soldiers in three operating bases in Afghanistan on what the artist partly earned harsh criticism, on the other hand by colleagues like Hans Nieswandt as a " significant event " was defended.

In 2010, the musicians separated by BPitch Control and founded his own label Paul Kalkbrenner music. On this album Kalkbrenner Icke is re- published on June 3, 2011. It sold in the first week alone an estimated 25,000 times and only just missed the top of the German album charts.

August 3, 2012 Kalkbrenner released his new single The Gezabel to Paul Kalkbrenner music. The track is also represented on the album Good day, which was released on 30 November 2012.

Kalkbrenner is married originating from Romania DJ Simina Grigoriu Ana since August 25, 2012.

Discography (selection)


  • 2001: Superimpose ( BPitch Control)
  • 2001: time ( BPitch Control)
  • 2004: Self ( BPitch Control)
  • 2005: Maxima Live (Mini maxima )
  • 2006: Reworks ( BPitch Control)
  • 2008: Berlin Calling ( BPitch Control)
  • 2011: Icke again (Paul Kalkbrenner Music )
  • 2012: Good day (Paul Kalkbrenner Music )

Singles and EPs


Besides his own works Kalkbrenner is also active as a remixer and provided, among other reworkings of tracks from the artist Ellen Allien (Data Romance ), The Rocket ( The Sound in between ), Rammstein (shark ), Sascha Funke ( Forms & Shapes), Lexy & K -Paul (Happy zombie ), Error Error (Your Everlasting Breath ), 2raumwohnung ( We Will See ) Modeselektor ( 200007 ), Moby ( Wait for Me ), Fritz Kalkbrenner ( Facing The Sun ) Stromae (Te Quiero ) Simina Grigoriu or ( Kokopelli ).


  • 2008: Berlin Calling (actor and soundtrack composer )
  • 2010: 2010 - A Live Documentary (Tour documentary )

Prizes and awards

  • 2011: Echo: Nomination as Newcomer of the Year National
  • 2012: Echo: nomination for Club / Dance ( National or International)
  • 2013: Echo: nomination for Club / Dance ( National or International)